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I am a loss prevention consultant with vision.  I understand that in these economic times, not everyone can afford a full-time loss prevention/ security department.  Over my 15+ years, I have developed several techniques to reduce losses due to theft and fraud that are effective and affordable.  The key is to convince the honest employees not to take the chance (by raising awareness through training and exposure) and make the dishonest employees standout (by conducting compliance audits) BEFORE they can cause major damage to your bottom line profits.

Here is how:

  • Pre-Employment Screening- People like people who are like themselves.  As an impartial party, it is easier for me to set emotion aside during the initial hiring process.  Through the use of standard interviewing techniques as well as kinesics (body language cues) let me be your first line of defense.
  • Compliance Auditing- When the employee has to be creative in the way they steal from you it makes it harder.  The harder it is, the more mistakes they are likely to make.  This is the most cost effective and proactive approach there is.
  • Camera Installation- Both overt (what you can see) and covert (what you can not see).  Sensitive areas have to be protected.  Do not be fooled by expensive camera systems.  All camera systems are basically the same.  It is the proper installation that counts.
  •  Interview/ Interrogation- Yes, it is possible to get employees to confess to theft and fraud without any evidence.  After 15+ years and over 1,000 interviews, I have become very proficient at gauging both guilt as well as innocence.  Even bad character can spread like a virus through a business if left unchecked.

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